Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hot Card Of The Week #TBT

Each Thursday we revisit a previous Hot Card that deserves a second glance. This sophisticated B'nai Mitzvah invitation, originally posted on 5/28/14, is (once again!) from our friend Stacey at Creative Expressions in East Rockaway, New York. The gleaming white litho NYC skyline jumps off of the deep black paper, beckoning guests to what was surely a night to remember in the Big Apple. A custom liner completes this sleek, contemporary masterpiece. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hot Card Of The Week

Blake It 'Til You Make It
Our retailers often customize designs in such a beautifully ingenious way that it makes us stop and say, "Why didn't we think of that?!" For Blake's eye-popping Bar Mitzvah invitation, our friend Mickey at Sidelines in Rockville, MD applied a bold, masculine palette to #B534 in our Mitzvah V book, resulting in a true work of invitation art that belongs as much in a museum as it does a mailbox! 

LVC Celebrates International Women's Day

March 8th marked International Women's Day - a time to celebrate the accomplishments of inspiring women and girls around the world. I don't normally get mushy with my newsletters, but this week I want to take a look at Luscious Verde's exciting history and the women behind the magic! 
Cover page for LVC's first ever album                                                                  LVC's "The Trendys" awards  
Fourteen years ago two mothers with an entrepreneurial spirit and a unique sense of creativity started a company dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind birth announcements stylistically different from anything else on the market. Chris and Wendy, LVC's Co-Owners, embarked on this journey by producing an initial album (which some of you may still have today!) featuring colorful cards with simple die-cut imagery. This first LVC book was distributed to nine retailers across the country.
With its unparalleled customization options and adorable designs, Luscious Verde boomed. Our mission to help people celebrate the important times in their lives soon grew from just birth announcements to include Holidays, Mitzvahs, and Weddings, and what started as a company with two employees headquartered in Chris' living room soon gained a national presence. Through the vision and passion of our Co-Founders, LVC is now fortunate enough to work with hundreds of talented retailers, creating beautiful invitations for thousands of events each year. 
Click here to learn more about Chris and Wendy's story! 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hot Card Of The Week #TBT

Each Thursday we revisit a previous Hot Card that deserves a second glance. This gorgeous B'nai Mitzvah invitation, originally posted on 4/16/14, is from our friend Stacey at Creative Expressions in East Rockaway, New York. This inspiring piece features a Jerusalem skyline encircling a die-cut Antique Metallic layer with event details. A corresponding liner completes the look of this card of historic proportions! 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Creating Custom Invitations with Football and Basketball-Textured Papers

Basketball and Football-Textured Papers
Make your next invitation a slam dunk with Luscious Verde's sporty textured paper! This luxurious stock - available in both football and basketball finishes - adds dimensionality and playfulness to Mitzvah, graduation and party invitations alike. Try using it as a layer with corresponding imagery (see images below), Or go all... the... way with our liner options!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Replicating Die-Cut Custom Handmade Invitations with Flat Printing

Is sorcery afoot? While it may seem like magic, Luscious Verde's ability to artfully translate its famous die-cut designs into flat printing is pure design genius. 
Here at LVC we are passionate about bringing our Luscious designs to events with a wide range of budgets. If your customer is interested in our famous die-cut patterns but is looking for a lower price point, consider working with our talented design team to capture the essence of these pieces through the more cost effective flat printing. Let's take a look at two gorgeous examples utilizing this technique:

Aztec Invitation
Our wildly popular Aztec invitations have helped set the tone for events across the country. In order to mimic the luxurious feel of the original die-cut piece from our Mitzvah V album (shown in Violet in the images above), try printing both the positive and negative areas of the border on White Smooth paper (shown in Fuschia ink). This technique allows for practically limitless color combinations, and, along with the invitation's text, is only one print run. A contrasting base layer adds weight and visual interest to the card. 

Art Deco Invitation
This invitation from our Wedding IV album is one of my all-time favorite Luscious Verde designs. The original version (shown on the left in the images above) features an intricate die-cut pattern fit for Mr. Gadsby himself. Through the talent of LVC's invitationeers, we were able to capture the roaring luxury of this piece through a flat-printed one-layer card (shown on the right). By utilizing black ink for both the negative portion of the lace design and the text we get an elegant twist on the original. Voila!