Monday, April 23, 2012

Color Me Monday

                                                              Greens and Grays

The love of green and gray as a color combination is becoming more popular this spring with our new wedding album. The piece that is featured is our wrought iron lattice letterpressed thank you note. I love how the design is so intricate with the bit of gray color coming through and the second color of the bold green letterpress for their names. The design would look great on the main invitation as well! Adding texture and color to your invitation is a great statement towards your personal style. Be creative and know you are!

Megan @ L.V.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Did You Know? Custom Printed Maps

Greetings everyone! I'm here with another installation of "Did You Know?" and my topic today is custom maps. Maps are hot, hot, HOT!

A map can be used in an invitation set because your party has a theme, like travel or globes. Or a map can be an indication that your event is happening in an unusual or faraway location, as in a destination wedding. for example, if you love Hawaii and you have chosen it as the location for your wedding, what a better way to set the tone of the event than to have a map of Hawaii as part of the design.

Besides just having a map of the event location as one of the cards in the invitation set, maps and map images can be used creatively in your invitation sets in so many ways. Here are a few I can think of:

  • as the pattern on an envelope liner
  • as the pattern on a paper layer
  • as a pattern on the back of any card in your set--the main invitation, the reception card, the response set
  • printed on the outside of a folder/pocket/enclosure
  • portions of the map can be integrated into the top layer of the invitation along with the invitation text
Maps are gorgeous! And Luscious Verde can do pretty much any thing you desire with a map. Just ask, that's what we're here for.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Color Me Monday

 The Neon Craze

It’s official- neon is back and in full force. Are you sporting any neon lately in wardrobe? I admit to having a few choice neon bracelets on my arm, but there is no way I could rock the hot pink pants anymore. Neon continues to pop up in our custom Bar/Bat Mitzvah invitations as well.  Lime Green and Fuchsia are the two top favorites. 

Megan- @LV

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Our own Sweet 16

We may be busy printing and assembling invitations all day, but of course we need to have time for our own NCAA-style tournament bracket. It’s not a bracket about basketball, because that’s just no fun, it’s an awesome bracket about the best things in the world! We made a random list of 32 of our favorite things. No categories, no rules-just random stuff we love. The list was put into bracket form and each day we post a match up to be decided by popular vote. We’ve narrowed down the selections and are now entering the Sweet 16. The most upsetting match up was penguins vs. macaroni and cheese. Sadly, penguins did not garner enough votes to move on.   

                                     Today’s match’s a toughie. What would you vote for?

Megan- @ LV

Rob In The Wild

Live update from News Channel Megan’s desk
What Rob is up to:

8:30- sporting a white v-neck shirt and clean shaven head

8:35- saying today is like his Friday because he will not be in tomorrow

10:51- just unraveled his first granola bar. I predict there will be three more eaten throughout the day

10:53- talking about his mom….again and coughing like an 85 year old man…again

11:15- faxing, printing, faxing, printing, answering phones

                                                      11:28- listening to classic rock

                                                      Stay tuned for more live action.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Did You Know? Pattern

I'm back with my second installment of our new feature, "Did You Know?" where I talk about all of the really, really extraordinary stuff that the wonderful peeps over here at Luscious Verde can do with your invitations and announcements.

Today I want to talk about pattern, specifically, the many ways in which pattern can be used in an invitation set.

Let's say you are planning a wedding, and you know exactly what the colors are that you have chosen for the event. For many people, that's not too complicated and that's where the design work begins and ends. And that's OKAY.

But for others, they want something more. Something with a hint of romance, or maybe a POW of impact.

That's where pattern comes in.

There's pattern everywhere, and at Luscious Verde, we can easily incorporate any pattern from any where (with a few tweaks, of course, so no copyrights are infringed) on your invitations, response cards, personalized stationery, envelopes, liners, and on and on.

Quite simply, we love pattern.

Pick a pattern from the hundreds that we have already waiting for you to choose from, or have us create one especially for you. All of our patterns are custom printed, so you get to choose the base paper color and all of the ink colors that make up the design.

Here's all the ways that Luscious Verde can incorporate pattern into your invitation sets or announcements.

  • On the flap of an envelope
  • on an envelope liner
  • on the top layer of the invitation/announcement/menu/ itself
  • on the backside of the invitation/announcement
  • on the outside of a folder or portfolio
  • on the inside of a folder or portfolio
  • on the reply card
  • on a pocket

Can you think of anything that we missed?