Friday, January 23, 2015

Luscious Verde: 2015 Modern Luxury Wedding Collection

Luscious Verde: 2015 Modern Luxury Wedding Collection
Luscious Verde's much-anticipated Modern Luxury Wedding Update is set to be released in February. The LVC Studio has been abuzz with wedding marry-ment over the past months, and we can’t wait to share our fabulous brand-new designs with the world. To kick off wedding season right, here is the inside scoop on our 2015 designs.
We call this our Modern Luxury update because it’s precisely that! For 2015 we embrace the long-established elegance of luxurious letterpress, graceful beveled-edging and traditional typesetting while also introducing some contemporary elements to help you make your invitations distinctly unique. 
What’s Inside: 
This year we are debuting five full wedding spreads as well as two cutting-edge save-the-dates. From menus to door hangers, these detailed pieces bring grandeur and luxury to your event. Our fully customizable line allows you to mix and match design elements from different suites to create a fabulously you invitation. 
Luscious Verde is debuting an array of exciting new materials as well as re-envisioning your favorites, bringing everything you could ever want to the 2015 season! We greet the New Year with new metallic papers, new wood offerings, intricate bevel-edge cutting technology and hints of glitter like only Luscious Verde can do. 
Please check out your local retailer for more information, or call us at 216-360-3600.

Monday, January 19, 2015

"Card Insurance" - The Easiest Way To Avoid Stress When Ordering Custom Stationery

With the myriad of today’s social circles and many family members scattered throughout different areas of the country, it is easier than ever to accidentally leave loved ones off of your invitation list. In addition to sharing party details, invitations are crucial in setting the tone and generating excitement for an event, and having the correct quantity is a monumental step in the planning process.

In order to avoid the stress of falling short on invitations we strongly recommend that all planners “insure” their quantities by ordering an additional 25 of each item.

The expense of placing a re-order for 25 cards is exponentially more costly than increasing your initial numbers by 25 to account for that aunt, cousin, hair dresser, or spin instructor that many have been overlooked.  This “card insurance” provides peace of mind for all parties involved!