Monday, March 10, 2014

LV 101 – Registrar’s Office

Why we’re so insistent about order forms.

At Luscious Verde, our top priority is to provide you with an incredible product in a timeframe that puts the industry standard to shame. And our commitment to exceptional speed and quality doesn’t only apply to finished product. We strive to make the proofing process quick and painless as well. 

But with over 300 retailers nationwide, it would be impossible to keep up our speed and accuracy without some sort of uniform process. For this reason we must insist that all orders be placed using a Luscious Verde order form. It helps our designers find the information they need quickly and helps you make sure you’ve covered all relevant details, like liners, paper images, eyelets or any of our other fabulous embellishments. It also helps us get you your proofs as quickly as possible.

The complexity of our product and volume of orders we receive are also the reasons why we must have all reproof and pricing requests submitted in writing. There are simply too many variables that can get lost, forgotten or misunderstood over the phone. With a written request we--and you--have documentation of exactly what was requested so that everyone is on the same page.

We know filling out an order form can occasionally take a little extra time, but by following these guidelines, you can help us expedite the proofing process for everyone and prevent costly reproofs due to miscommunication. The time and money you save will be well worth the effort!

If you don’t have an order form on hand, they are always available to download at

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Get Lucky!

Today's Hot Card of the Week is from Jenny's Paper Ink located in Atlanta, Georgia. The super cute main invitation is a 6.25 two layer with a custom cut horseshoe party card attached to the back with a silver grommet. The party card swings up revealing all of the party information. Included in the set was a fuchsia envelope and fuchsia response postcard. Super fun all the way around!