Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Please, Mr. Postman

A question that gets asked of us almost on a daily basis is, "What size stamps do I need to put on my invitations?"  Usually we hear this from people who are ordering personalized stamps or the like from places such as www.zazzle.com. It used to be that we would find a sample of the order (or a similar order), throw it on our handy-dandy lil' postage meter, and let the customer know what amount came up. Those were the good years, or as we call them now, "the times before the dark times."

OK, maybe that's being a bit melodramatic. But it's true -- due to recent changes in the way that the U.S. Postal Service operates, we absolutely cannot give out any postage information. Because there are so many different charges that could be applied to your order, we highly recommend visiting the post office from where you're going to mail your cards and get the information straight from the horse's mouth.

Possible charges that might apply to your cards:

-- is the card oversize?

-- is it rigid?

-- is it overweight?

-- is it square?

The answers to these questions and more can be located here at the official U.S.P.S. Web site. While we'd love to be able to answer your questions about how much your mailing will cost, we simply can't. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask in the comment section.


Rob @ L.V.

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