Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Is It Eggnog Time Yet?

unique holiday cardsHoly cow, the new holiday cards we have for ShopLVC are simply stunning! The site makes it easy to customize any of our awesome cards with your name and personalized holiday greeting. There are dozens of design options that include layered Christmas trees, colorful holiday patterns and elegant photo cards. The colors are bold and saturated, making each holiday card truly unique for the person choosing it. Our selection of custom corporate holiday cards also includes sweet modern designs to highlight that special business in your life.

-- Megan @ L.V.

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Robyn C. said...

hi - love your products. They allow hosts to make a beautifully elegant statement w/out looking like you're trying too hard... question: do you think formal invitations that do not have thermography are less than elegant (i.e. tacky? pedestrian?). I love love your "Mariel" mitzvah with three dainty crystals but understand that you don't offer thermography on this product. Why????? Should I pick something else?