Thursday, February 19, 2015

Creating Handmade Invitations With Mirrored Paper

The mirricle (sorry, I had to write that at least once!) that is mirri paper has lent itself to some of LVC's most fashionable invitations since being introduced last year. "Mirri" paper is our term for mirrored paper. This impactful material adds unexpected dimension and dazzling, light-catching reflectiveness to invitations, making it a go-to material for the chicest of clients. In this Newsletter we take a look how to get the most out of mirri.

1) All About That Base (Layer)
One of the most jaw-dropping ways to incorporate mirri paper into your invitation is to use it as a base layer with a die cut image plyed or layered on top. Notice in the image above how the bright, shimmering quality of the Stardust mirri paper contrasts dramatically with the black pattern, achieving visual complexity usually reserved for an art gallery! Although mirri paper cannot be laser cut, there are endless ways to incorporate it with other cut layers. 
2) Make That Liner Finer
I know I always say that everything is my favorite, but mirri liner really IS my favorite offering at Luscious Verde! For the recipient of the invitation, opening an envelope with mirri liner feels like cracking open a geode. It's a sumptuous surprise, truly transforming an envelope into a thing of luxury. Because mirri liner is card stock weight, it adds substantial thickness to the envelope.

3) Layer Up
Using mirri paper as a layer adds a pop of visual interest to the border of an invitation. When used with silver accents or text (like in the image above), it can effectively tie the look of an invitation together. 
4) Back It Up
A plyed mirri backing allows for this specialty paper to shine in all of its glory. The large reflective surface highlights the materiality of mirri, giving a smooth sleek look that pairs perfectly with a wide range of designs. Try coordinating a plyed mirri backing with a mirri layer on the reverse side (see image above). This is the ultimate one-two punch, and is sure to be a knockout with party guests. 

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