Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Creating an Emoji-Themed Invitation and Mitzvah Party

Ancient Egyptians used a system of symbols called hieroglyphs to communicate with one another. Hmmm, sound familiar? It doesn't take the Rosetta Stone to see that emojis are the preferred form of communication for the 21st Century, and Luscious Verde's work on a recent emoji-themed Bat Mitzvah speaks for itself! Let's take a look at how this party invitation set the tone for #emojimitzvah. 

When we were first approached to help conceptualize an emoji-themed Bat Mitzvah, we knew that big, bold and fun was the way to go. An invitation is a guest's first glimpse into an event's tone, and for a shindig as wild as #emojimitzvah, we needed something surprising and irreverent for this separate kid's party invitation. Take, for example, the reply card pictured in the above image. Instead of using the ubiquitous thumbs up and thumbs down or smiley and frowny emojis, we gave guests something to text about by incorporating the hilarious and unexpected poop icon. The party invitation greets guests with a big and bright heart eyes emoji, leaving no question that Laney would love for you to attend. 

In carrying an invitation's theme throughout an entire event, try surprising guests with the unexpected. In addition to traditional accessory items such as table numbers and gift tags, there are countless ways to incorporate your theme, making the event as fun to attend as it is to plan! For #emojimitzvah the theme introduced in the party invitation set was carried out through the red carpet backdrop, the lighting, and even the Bat Mitzvah's party dress!  Oh, and don't forget Laney's poop tie (above left image). From what we've heard, guests were :)


Anonymous said...

Where did you get the back drop from

Jessica Gamboa said...

I too would like to know where you got your emoji backdrop from? Is there a site we can order from?