Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Take This Blog and Love It

In my personal life, I’m used to getting vitriolic letters from people. I’ve seen them all, from debt collector screeds via FedEx to Cat Fancy missives about my unpaid subscription. But never before have I gotten negative feedback from one of my coworker’s moms. So it was quite a surprise last week when Lindsay, who is our assistant operations manager and sits about three feet away from me, forwarded an e-mail for me from her mom, regarding the fact that we never actually picked a winner for the Luscious Verde haiku contest. An excerpt:

You are a disappointment, a fake and a fraud. You demean yourself and the company you represent. Shame on you!

Wow. Pretty rough stuff. It would have stung more had what she been saying was false. Which it isn’t. We held a contest and never chose a winner. My bad. My bad! Can you hear that, Lindsay’s mom?!

So we’re proud to announce the winner of the contest: Ashley, from “Store Withheld.” So Ashley, if you’re reading this, please contact us for your Luscious Verde Fun Happy-Time Gift Basket. And Lindsay’s mom, watch your mail for a special surprise. (No, not anthrax.) We’re sorry for any mental trauma and hardship this whole sordid affair has caused. We throw ourselves on the mercy of the world of custom stationery.

-- Rob @ L.V.


nancy said...

I am proud of you Rob. It is nice to see you take responsibility for your lack of action. It is so much more fun to play when there is hope of winning. In all aspects of life you will see that hope is very important. People endure great hardship when they have hope. There is hope for you yet! Thank you.

nancy said...

The chocolate covered sunflower seeds are amazing! It was very thoughtful of you.