Friday, March 7, 2008

Hot Sinkhole of the Day

As the world of Cleveland, Ohio, enters into the hell-mouth currently located in front of Tower City, we here at Luscious Verde are holding our heads high in the hope that snow will fill the hole and become the world’s finest ice-skating rink. Maybe the hole developed because the city couldn’t stand the recent mad skills of LeBron James (sorry, New York), or maybe the hole is the underground kingdom cradling our fountain of youth. Who knows?

Anyway, keep your eyes out for big holes if you’re visiting Cleveland in the near future, and watch out for super-cute promotional items landing in your UPS boxes. Don’t worry – the promotional items aren’t there to help raise money to save our crumbling city, they’re simply a small gift to show our love.

-- Megan (cupcake baker extraordinaire) @ L.V.

1 comment:

nancy said...

Thanks Megan,
I felt the love! Hannah has tried to take the note pads away from me. It is all very cute stuff!