Monday, June 18, 2007

Hot Card of the Day (Rob's Day Off Edition)

As you may have gathered from the title of this blog entry, Rob has the day off. So I'm standing in for him to provide you with another edition of our HCOTD series. That means I get to write whatever I want and Rob can't stop me (until he gets back on Tuesday). Anyway, today's Hot Card is from Papers Plus in Pikesville, Maryland. This particular design is actually a pretty popular one from our Bar/Bat Mitzvah book, but what makes this card exceptionally hot is the color scheme. For the past couple of months we've had more requests for combinations of Orchid, Beet, and/or Grass paper than ever before (see last Friday's Hot Card for another great example). I absolutely love, LOVE these colors (plus I helped make this card) and have thus dubbed it "HCOTD". Enjoy!

Assistant Operations Mgr.


Anonymous said... are the best blog writer ever. better watch out!

Anonymous said...

Lindsay's got it hands down. Rob you're out, Lindsay is in. Long live the queen!

toni said...

Awesome writing and great photos (as always!). Yea, Linds!

Luscious Verde said...

Jeez, you take a day off and the vultures come out.

Even better...I'll be off all next week.

-- Rob