Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hot Card of the Day (Long Weekend Edition)

Today's hot card is from Yellow Bird in Wilmette, Illinois. It's from the new wedding update and features even more of our bitchin' custom cuts and metallic papers.

In the wedding update, the cutout "S" is here replaced by a "B." The "S," incidentally, stands for my last name, and the woman I'm marrying (in the catalog spread at least) is Lindsay, yesterday's blogger.

Lindsay was going to write today's entry, but we arm-wrestled for blog supremacy. She won, but everyone felt sorry for me while I was crying, so I'll be steering the good ship Luscious Verde Blog at least for the time being.


Lindsay said...

I'd like to clear up the fact that Rob and I are definitely not getting married. Ever. I like this "B", though, and I love the Lapis liner on the response card.

Anonymous said...

rob is going to make such a pretty bride...