Wednesday, March 21, 2007

On the Job

At any business, you usually talk to a multitude of people every day, usually the same people you’ve talked to a million times before. Have you ever wondered about the hopes, dreams and aspirations of those phantom people behind the phone or card? Maybe they’re a Lil’ Jon trivia whiz, maybe they knit jumpers for prison inmates, or maybe they spend their idle hours at the library staring at people. Or maybe you haven’t wondered. Anyhow, here’s the third bi-weekly Luscious Verde employee profile. You may talk to us on the phone every day, or you may see our name on the “Made By” tag that comes with each order – but we’d like you to know a little more – whether you care or not.

Paper Chase – The Saga of Kelly Primozic

When asked if she has any words of wisdom for readers of the Luscious Verde blog, this print production artist says, “I’m still young. I have no wisdom. I don’t even have my wisdom teeth.”

While that may not necessarily be so, Kelly is one of the youngest people at Luscious Verde, and is sometimes treated like a little sister. That said, she’s an industrious and creative worker, responsible for about a third of the printing that goes through our doors. And, to boot, she’ll be only 20 next month.

Born in Ohio, she was half-raised in Willowick and Wickliffe, two towns on Cleveland’s far east side. She went to Catholic school and was “straight-laced” until the seventh grade, when, well, she stopped being straight-laced.

Graduating from high school two years ago, she got in touch with Luscious Verde through a friend and was hired as a production artist. Sasha, another production artist who helped train Kelly, says, “She was a very quick learner, and it was obvious that she was really good at anything she did.”

Future goals for Kelly include moving out of her parents’ house, and continuing to dominate the Cleveland indie rock scene. “I want to stay in Cleveland a long time,” Kelly says. For the sake of Luscious Verde, we hope so too.


Favorite Style of Dance: Rave dancing
Favorite State: Ohio
Favorite Band: A Silver Mt. Zion
Favorite Animal: “Bunnies and puppies”
Favorite Snack Food: Spicy Nacho Doritos

-- Rob @ L.V.


toni said...

oh how i love kelly, let me count the ways... :-)

wendy said...

Thank you Kelly for all of your hard work at LVC. Happy almost 2 years!