Monday, March 26, 2007

Trivial Pursuit

The Luscious Verde recruitment and hiring processes are inspired by protocol at the National Security Agency. We use exhaustive polygraph sessions and background checks to make sure that the men and women making your cards have nothing to hide. Still, there are those quirky truths about each of us that have slipped through the cracks. For that reason, we staged the Inaugural Luscious Verde Fun Fact Bonanza early this year.

Think you really know the people who you regularly speak to on the phone? We’ll have you know that Rob says he used to be a pop star, Toni (whose cat Moxie graces the top of this post for no reason at all) has broken four bones on the left side of her body, Liz went to Gary Sinise’s high school, and Roxi is a Civil War re-enactor!

Of our proofers who put your orders onto paper, Kate is deathly afraid of ketchup, Beth can’t touch the roof of her mouth with her tongue, and Mandy has danced onstage (and bumped knuckles) with Vanilla Ice!

Printing your cards are former tarot-card reader Melissa, former Ecology Club V.P. Lisa, and Kelly, who her doctor says was born on the unlikeliest day of the year.

An even greater collection of surprising quirks awaits your cards in production art, where orders are brought to life by a former Akron Beacon Journal Spelling Bee Champ (Rachel), a sports car fanatic (Sasha), a head of hair that has changed color over forty times (Stacey), and a certified public relations consultant (Megan).

To learn more fun facts about Luscious Verde, stay tuned to this space. One of us is actually the Lindbergh baby – next time on Fun Fact Bonanza!

-- Ted @ L.V.


Anonymous said...

So here I sit, reading the blog, as I do during my time away from LVC. I am a dork and I know it, thank you very much. Then... my phone rings! Maybe I am not such a giant dork after all. Unknown number... strange. "Hi Lisa, this is Rob from work..." I really cannot stand to be away from Luscious Verde.

wendy said...

The last blog comment warms my heart even more than the cute kitty in the photo!