Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Winners Never Quit

About a month ago, we included a retailer survey with our seasonal newsletter. As a token of how seriously we take these surveys and how much we appreciate feedback, we entered all the surveys into a random drawing for a $250 Luscious Verde gift certificate. We’re pleased to announce that Papers and Presents in Wellesley, Massachusetts, has been selected as our winner. We congratulate them and thank everyone who participated. (Everyone else will receive a copy of the Luscious Verde home game.)

As long as we’re talking about winners, production artist Rachel recently won an internal “Make Your Own Comic Strip” contest. The strip had to focus on the travails of working here, and hers won by popular vote. (It has been edited for content as, frankly, we have way too many in-jokes around here.) Congrats, Rachel.

-- Rob @ L.V.


Charlie said...

That is a wonderful cartoon. Let's see the rest of the entries.

Luscious Verde said...

Hey Charlie. Thanks for the comment! Unfortunately, most of the entries for the cartoon contest were, uh, unfit for public consumption. You really wouldn't want to know what actually goes on here.