Monday, February 12, 2007

Source Codes

If you’re a Luscious Verde retailer, you should have received an official L.V. holiday card a few months ago. Along with a picture of all the stunningly attractive people who work here, you got a nifty little 2007 coupon book to use at your discretion. After about a month and a half, we’ve received some feedback about the book, both positive and, uh, not-so-positive. We have an idea of what we can and can’t offer in the future, but here are some proposals from the official Luscious Verde drawing board:

- For each order over a certain dollar amount, a designer will drive to your house and cook you dinner (note: you must pay gas money, put the designer up at your house, and buy the food).

- Once a month, we will have our newest proofreader, Ted, create a paper-mache object of your choice to display in a place of honor for your store.

- For all orders placed today, we will hand-sketch a portrait of Abraham Lincoln on the back of each card.

- Valentine’s Day Special: I will personally seal all your envelopes with a kiss – although you’ll probably have to pay us not to do that.

-- Rob @ L.V.

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Anonymous said...

Oh silly Rob. Catch up with the times, Alicia is our newest proofreader. Ted's too busy becoming the new Toni to proofread.