Friday, January 26, 2007

Roll Bounce

The brown skates were rented, the yellow laces tied, and the feeling of ominous foreboding was present for the first Luscious Verde birthday celebration of the year. Friday, January 12 offered an evening of fish and chips and Monte Cristo sandwiches at our favorite Irish eatery before heading to a local skating rink, where we would be schooled all evening by people under five feet tall.

The evening began with us launching our inner-teen-super-sensation-roller-skating-championship personalities onto the slick rink. After going in circles and shouting at quality assurance manager Genevieve to let go of the wall (for the ninth time), we were about to call it a night. At that point, a teenage girl threw off her rollerblades and charged toward us. While afraid that I may have started an eminent rumble, I braced myself for the teen slap-down – alas, the girl was actually charging at another group of tweens. Skates were off, and hair was being pulled.

The Luscious Verde squad stayed far away, of course, merely giggling under our breath when all was broken up by the kindly local police department. Ted (proofreader), Lisa (print production artist) and I (production artist) hit the rink for a few last rounds when we noticed our comrades Lindsay (assistant operations manager) and Toni (client relations manager) filling out what appeared to be employment applications, but what were actually police reports. What a nice memento from the evening. Where was our red-headed Genevieve through all this? Still clinging to the wall.

-- Megan @ L.V.

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