Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bad Libs

A few months ago, we dipped our toes into the world of marketing and public relations. We wrote a snazzy press release for our new baby catalog, designed it real pretty, and sent it out to many discerning arbiters of culture. But we’re also kind of lazy. So we got to thinking one day: What would it be like if someone else wrote a press release for us?

So what follows is a “Mad Libs”-style paragraph taken directly from our press release. Fill it up with the most creative, ridiculous or somewhat offensive words you can think of. (Be honest – those last ones are often the funniest.) Leave it as a blog comment – we’ll pick the best one and give that person a prize. And don’t worry – it probably won’t be a Luscious Verde mug.

Adjective __________
Noun __________
Adjective __________
Adjective __________
Plural Nouns __________
Adjective __________
Plural Nouns __________
Place __________
Another Place __________
Noun __________
Adverb __________
Noun __________

“Our cards challenge tradition”

In a world of (adjective) white and cream, Luscious Verde pops with an imagination and (noun) that’s, well, luscious. Unlike the (adjective) and (adjective) bows of yesteryear, today’s (plural noun) expect something (adjective) from their birth announcements. Bursting with color and style, our (plural noun) are unlike any other from (place) or, indeed, (another place). Made completely from (noun), we create something (adverb) different – and chic – for each valued (noun).

-- Rob @ L.V.

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