Wednesday, June 13, 2012

More really great wedding invitations!

 Our two color letterpress paired with a printed liner is an excellent example of traditional style with a creative personal flair. A patterned liner is a great way to incorporate your artistic side within the invitation.

Extremely unique three layer wedding invitation with two custom die-cuts. One die-cut accents the couple's names and the other focuses on the city where the wedding was held which was San Francisco. Maybe we should say "die-cute."

A great fall wedding invitation! The large square with the bold fall leaves pattern tucked behind the die-cut names adds levels of dimension that really make this invitation pop.

Sewing! We love the look of hand stitched invitations and accessory pieces.

This wedding invitation is custom ply which is when two papers are fused together to create a thicker invitation. The custom ply adds a luxurious weight to the invitation and the die-cut gate adds the dimension.

Another great example of a custom ply invitation with a unique die-cut rose pattern

My absolute favorite invitation set! This invitation includes the custom ply, two color thermography and a two layer custom cut foliage plant.

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