Thursday, May 10, 2012

Did You Know? Wrap Around Address Label Stickers

I'm back today with my favorite kinda post, a "Did You Know?" posting.

Today I want to tell you about Luscious Verde's Wrap Around Address Label Stickers.


Because they're HOT!

It's standard practice with invitations and announcements to have a printed return address on the back of an envelope. Everybody knows that.

But how about adding another element of your design/theme to your envelope? And not in an ordinary kind of way, either. Sure, you can print that design element right onto the envelope, but it stands out so much more in wrap around sticker form.

Here's the heavyweight plied invitation--cool typesetting on the front and pattern on the back

As if this invitation wasn't cool enough, check this out . . .

wrap around sticker address label . . .

with a photo AND the orange and fuchsia chevron pattern from the back of the invitation.

I told you this was HOT!

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