Thursday, April 5, 2012

Our own Sweet 16

We may be busy printing and assembling invitations all day, but of course we need to have time for our own NCAA-style tournament bracket. It’s not a bracket about basketball, because that’s just no fun, it’s an awesome bracket about the best things in the world! We made a random list of 32 of our favorite things. No categories, no rules-just random stuff we love. The list was put into bracket form and each day we post a match up to be decided by popular vote. We’ve narrowed down the selections and are now entering the Sweet 16. The most upsetting match up was penguins vs. macaroni and cheese. Sadly, penguins did not garner enough votes to move on.   

                                     Today’s match’s a toughie. What would you vote for?

Megan- @ LV

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