Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Did You Know? Pattern

I'm back with my second installment of our new feature, "Did You Know?" where I talk about all of the really, really extraordinary stuff that the wonderful peeps over here at Luscious Verde can do with your invitations and announcements.

Today I want to talk about pattern, specifically, the many ways in which pattern can be used in an invitation set.

Let's say you are planning a wedding, and you know exactly what the colors are that you have chosen for the event. For many people, that's not too complicated and that's where the design work begins and ends. And that's OKAY.

But for others, they want something more. Something with a hint of romance, or maybe a POW of impact.

That's where pattern comes in.

There's pattern everywhere, and at Luscious Verde, we can easily incorporate any pattern from any where (with a few tweaks, of course, so no copyrights are infringed) on your invitations, response cards, personalized stationery, envelopes, liners, and on and on.

Quite simply, we love pattern.

Pick a pattern from the hundreds that we have already waiting for you to choose from, or have us create one especially for you. All of our patterns are custom printed, so you get to choose the base paper color and all of the ink colors that make up the design.

Here's all the ways that Luscious Verde can incorporate pattern into your invitation sets or announcements.

  • On the flap of an envelope
  • on an envelope liner
  • on the top layer of the invitation/announcement/menu/ itself
  • on the backside of the invitation/announcement
  • on the outside of a folder or portfolio
  • on the inside of a folder or portfolio
  • on the reply card
  • on a pocket

Can you think of anything that we missed?

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