Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Did You Know? Custom Printed Maps

Greetings everyone! I'm here with another installation of "Did You Know?" and my topic today is custom maps. Maps are hot, hot, HOT!

A map can be used in an invitation set because your party has a theme, like travel or globes. Or a map can be an indication that your event is happening in an unusual or faraway location, as in a destination wedding. for example, if you love Hawaii and you have chosen it as the location for your wedding, what a better way to set the tone of the event than to have a map of Hawaii as part of the design.

Besides just having a map of the event location as one of the cards in the invitation set, maps and map images can be used creatively in your invitation sets in so many ways. Here are a few I can think of:

  • as the pattern on an envelope liner
  • as the pattern on a paper layer
  • as a pattern on the back of any card in your set--the main invitation, the reception card, the response set
  • printed on the outside of a folder/pocket/enclosure
  • portions of the map can be integrated into the top layer of the invitation along with the invitation text
Maps are gorgeous! And Luscious Verde can do pretty much any thing you desire with a map. Just ask, that's what we're here for.


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