Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just Meg

Congratulations to our own Meg Wilson! Meg was a finalist in the “Dream Food Truck Competition” sponsored by Food Network Magazine.

 The Sloppy Joe’ Loppy truck was personally one of my favorites; I just wish it was a working truck so I could eat sloppy joes every day in our parking lot!  Meg is not only a master at designing potential food trucks, she is also an outstanding member of our printing team. Her unique talents are prominently being shown in our free greeting card sets that we give out in each order, the new line of custom envelope liners that we are developing and many other aspects around Luscious Verde. Meg has also finished writing and designing a children’s book titled Polar Bears in Pajamas which can be viewed and purchased here:  

We are happy to have Meg as part of our creative team and look forward to many future designs from her.

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