Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Last Date

In keeping with our countdown to February, the Month of Love, we'd like to take a different approach today. We all pretty much know what constitutes a good first date -- perfect setting, instant chemistry, a great drink (or four). But what's the absolute worst date you've been on? We know that everyone has a story, so we're gonna need to hear it. Blaze away in the Comment section about your rendezvous with Mr. or Ms. Wrong.

-- Rob @ L.V.


megan said...

Oatmeal Cookie Man. The story begins with a boy and a girl entering a coffee shop. They nestle into a small couch in the corner of the shop where a table of random leftover beverages is in front of them. Conversation was good. Boy was hungry. Boy went up to the counter and purchased an oatmeal cookie and inhaled it. He took three steps, turned around and purchased another cookie and inhaled it. This act happened four times. He never offered me a cookie or even sat down and ate the cookie. He stood up and inhaled the treat. By the time he sat down he was thirsty, but his tea was empty. Boy then perused the coffee table of discarded beverages and picked one up that had a little tea and a lot of honey in the bottom. He drank it. He drank someone's old beverage. I froze, stood up and left. I'm still haunted today by Oatmeal Cookie Man.

Lindsay said...

Once I went to a guy's house and while he was in the bathroom I browsed the photos on his mantel. There was a decorative frame that said, "It's all about me!" on the edge. In it contained a picture of himself.