Monday, January 31, 2011

The Color of Love

Color has always been at the core of Luscious Verde's design sensibility. No surprise there, given the fact that the "Verde" in our name reflects our co-founders' shared love of green (not to mention a working knowledge of Espanol). As crazy as we are for our colorful namesake, our relationship with green is definitely not exclusive. There's more than one tone out there that gets our blood boiling. A few of the hues we're currently crushing on are Marigold, Stone, and Jackman (make that two hues and a Hugh).

In keeping with our countdown to February (The Month of Love), we would like to know what colors have you smitten at the moment (or any single color, for you "monochromantics" out there). Were your favorite colors love at first sight, or was there a fair amount of wooing involved? Taking it a step further, has color ever played a role in your romantic relationships? And for you married folks out there, how was your wedding color scheme significant to you as a couple?

-- Kevin @ L.V.

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