Thursday, July 1, 2010

There's Just Something About a Paper Invitation

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You may be wondering if it's ever okay to e-mail an invitation to a party, as opposed to going through the time and expense of mailing a paper invitation. I believe that in order to answer this question, you have to ask yourself two questions: "How important is it to me that people attend my event?" and, "How important is it to me that invitees respond to my invitation?"  If you can answer, "Not important at all" to either of those questions, than an e-vite is perfectly acceptable.

I know, I may be the co-owner of a couture custom invitation company, but sending out an "e-vite" for your wedding, or for any major life event that you are fortunate enough to experience, is just tacky. Not just is it tacky, but it diminishes the importance of your event to the point where, I believe, a response from y0ur invitees is optional. Do you want to go through months of planning a wedding only to have your friends and loved ones ignore your request that they attend? If so, send an e-vite.  This bride did.

And like I said, there is no more sure fire way to get ignored than if you extend your invitation into someone's already overcrowded e-mail inbox. So send your baby shower invitations, bridal shower invitations, anniversary party invitations and fundraising event invitations into the ethernet. See what happens.

-- Wendy @ L.V.

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