Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Purple Haze

Purple is everywhere here at Luscious Verde! Everyday, we are bombarded with all things purple. When Pantone announced earlier this year that the hot new color was a nice vibrant teal we were all excited to abandon the purple haze and jump into a Tiffany’s teal frame of design. While teal hasn’t made a full run on purple, we are still excited to see all of the unique creations people come up with. From weddings to Bat Mitzvahs we use our amethyst, beet, orchid, violet, concord and eggplant papers in many ways. The picture shown is a full on purple paradise for the young Bat Mitzvah. Wendy, one of the co-owners, has taken the paper color beet under her wing as her new favorite color. So brace yourself, purple is here to stay. Combine it with our Kiwi paper for a dramatic effect or our new mushroom paper which is a light gray with texture for a more subtle effect.

-- Megan @ L.V.

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