Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Weighty Matters

Summer is almost here: Liz has received her yearly shipment of bathing suits in the mail, and just as I am about to put a morsel of freshly baked chocolate croissant into my little mouth, Wendy walks in with a sack load of food. Generally, there's a small company-wide stampede to the kitchen once word gets out that free food is available.

The masses halted as Wendy unloaded her brown paper bags with NutriSystem astronaut food. We were all startled and thought she was trying to tell the company to lose a few pounds. She was merely given the food as a kind gesture and thought that we would enjoy it.

Assistant Operations Manager Lindsay stated, "I love to talk and love food, but don’t want to give the diet brand a bad name. Let’s just say that I had to follow up my dehydrated pizza and pasta with a fruit floe popsicle as a chaser."

Thankfully, Rob has taken the notion to eat the majority of the boxed food, like the good little processed-food boy that he is.

-- Megan @ L.V.


Wendy Solganik said...

Any association between me and this garbage food is false. I was merely a transportation vehicle for the junk.

Lindsay said...

The pizzas reminded me of the bagel pizzas my sister and I used to make when we were kids. We cooked them in the microwave, sometimes a little too long, and they got this tough, chewy texture. Mmmmm, childhood memories.