Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Big Love

Every day, we answer phone calls from across the country from our unique retailers. Thankfully, not all of them have the word "paper" listed in their name, but some of them are pretty darn interesting. Now, before we drive ourselves batty, we would love to have the answers to these burning questions. Don’t be timid. You can ask us anything (even about our ex-boyfriends) and we still won’t break up with you.

1. Who actually is Anne Grace from Anne Grace Designs?
2. What does Papery and Cakery prefer: paper or cake?
3. Are there parfaits at the Paper Parfait, and when can I get one?
4. Who won: Rock, Paper, or Scissors?
5. Who is Ethan Niles?
6. The Paperia on the Hill: is your favorite show One Tree Hill?
7. What does AGI in AGI Events stand for?
8. Why is Cambridge Street Papers located on Main Street?
9. What Have You Heard?

-- Megan @ L.V.

1 comment:

Joanne Love said...

Cambridge St. Papers is named for the street in Cambridge, MA that my sister-in-law Patti lived on. We were both crazy, paper freaks and thought that we would have a shop together. She passed away in 2006 and so i have named the store for her (actually I wanted to use Love Notes but that name was taken).

Joanne Love

p.s. the above is proof positive that at least one person is reading your blog!