Friday, August 8, 2008

Our Addiction

Something that I have been obsessing about is the new season of Project Runway. I always get so excited to see such great talent amongst a variety of people. My little heart goes out to the two Ohio natives, Kelli and Suede.

Kelli grew up in Columbus and has since created a cutting-edge boutique called Black Market in her home town which I am going to try and visit in two weeks. Yay!

Suede, the guy who’s trying to make catchwords happen, grew up in Seven Hills, right outside of Cleveland, and studied at the Kent State School of Fashion. He just so happened to be a panel judge at our proofer Beth’s senior critique right before her last runway show. I guess you could say he was the Tim Gunn of Kent at that time minus the wack-a-doo. P.S. They both already each won a challenge. Go Ohio!

-- Megan @ L.V.

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