Thursday, July 24, 2008

Now More Than Ever

What with the election season heating up, one question we’ve of course been constantly asked is, “Who is Luscious Verde going to endorse this year?” In past years, such endorsements have led to literally an extra 10 or 15 votes for our candidate – and that’s no spare change! It’s been a pretty hard choice this year, what with the dramatic contrasts between That One Guy and The Other Guy. We needed to find a candidate that represented who we are, what we believe, and, most importantly, our love for the spontaneous dance-off.

So it is with great joy that we endorse, for President of the United States, Christopher Walken. Some other visionary people have set up a Web site for his candidacy, and to them we say: Godspeed!


Kati said...

Just don't leave him alone with plants. Unless, of course, they've got googally eyes!

janine said...

just one problem...
needs more cowbell!