Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Giving Back

At Luscious Verde, we frequently send off what we like to call “care packages” to friends and family at area churches, temples, schools, and children’s charities. They’re basically filled with artistic materials that we can’t find a use for. Rather than throw out what we don’t use, about a year ago we decided to share the wealth, and we’re always consistently surprised with the results. These pictures are from Kelly Solack, an art teacher at Yearling High School in Whitehall, Ohio. She writes:

I wanted to share a few photos from the art festival. My sculpture class built miniature “monumental” sculptures. We couldn’t have done it without the generous paper donation. Also, I will be taking some of the paper over to the Manor at Whitehall, a nursing home in our community. We are crafting some cards to families. In the classroom and in the community, your company has blessed us. Thanks!

The pleasure’s all ours, Kelly. Thanks.

-- Rob @ L.V.

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