Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Over the last 24 hours, we here in the Cleveland area have been blanketed with about a foot of snow. And as such, we have a pretty advanced case of cabin fever.

We're definitely busy at the job we love, but there comes that time of the afternoon when gazes turn away from computer monitors and outwards, to the barreling snowstorm that will have to be driven through in an hour or so.

It is with that background that we give to you another one of our Luscious Verde Grandee Giveaways. A few weeks ago, beloved production artist and proofer Channa brought in a box of videos to give away to her coworkers. Alas, weeks have gone by, and none of the videos have found a home.

So, if you've paid close attention to the blog over the past year or so, now is your chance to put those hours and hours (or at least minutes) of wasted Internet time to good use.

Simply answer the following Luscious Verde trivia question correctly as a reply to this blog entry, and we will randomly pick one in the coming week to win the whole shebang, "The Tuxedo" and all. (Current and past employees are not eligible for this contest. Yes, that means you, Erin.)

So here we go: What is production artist Laura's favorite canned food? (She just got engaged, don't you know.)


Rob @ L.V.

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