Thursday, October 18, 2007

Letter to a Young Noob

As the newest addition to the proofreading team, I am finding daily that there is more to learn about the custom stationery industry than could possibly be imagined. While the various rules concerning anything from envelopes to inks can at first be daunting, the ability to shatter traditional stationery conventions and construct almost anything a customer requests is an exciting and challenging aspect to this job.

During my first two weeks at Luscious Verde, I’ve proofread many of these custom orders and attempted to visualize the tangible outcome of a black-and-white proof before me. While the production team toils endlessly to ensure that each order is as near perfection as possible, I realize the amount of hard work, dedication, and passion exacted by every employee at Luscious Verde to make this company work.

Although I have had a plethora of information to process over these past few weeks, the laid-back and friendly atmosphere created by all the employees here makes it easy to transition into this new 8-hour day – that, and the endless supply of coffee. And since I’ve been given the privilege of writing an entry for the blog (mostly because Rob actually has work to do, for once), I have to give a shout-out to Alicia who has trained me in absolutely every aspect of this position with such patience. Thanks everyone!

-- Liz (noob Liz, not one of our three other Elizabeths) @ L.V.

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