Thursday, October 4, 2007

Image Search

One question we get all the time: I don’t see it in your catalog, but can you print an armadillo on our card? Or the Tibetan symbol for “happiness and long life”? Or how about this cool picture of Bugs Bunny that my daughter drew?

The answers are yes, yes, and, well, probably no. The list of cards we’ve been doing lately with completely custom motifs and custom-cuts has literally been growing exponentially with the release of volume two of our Bar/Bat Mitzvah Catalog. People have been seeing what we’re able to do, and they’re excited about it – and we are too.

But we can’t print copyrighted images. It’s simply a law of the land that we couldn’t print, say, a picture of Calvin doing something inappropriate to the Weezer logo. But we have found a good source of cheap, royalty-free stock images: iStockphoto. (No, they aren’t paying us to write this.)

Say your son is just dying to get a picture of a ferret on his Bar Mitzvah announcement. Go to the Website, type in “ferret” in the search box, and presto! There are at least 150 photos and images of ferrets available for a few dollars each, royalty-free. That means you can send in the picture as a reference, or even have us print the image on his invitations.

So get searching. I think I’m going to be printing this on my holiday card this year.

-- Rob @ L.V. (Thanks to Lindsay for the wonderful drawing at the top of the post.)

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