Monday, September 17, 2007

Hey you! Yeah, you!

Don't forget the First Semi-Annual Luscious Verde Haiku Contest! First place wins a gift basket full of L.V. goodies, plus we're throwing in a special offer -- Rob from Luscious Verde will personally leave an outgoing message on your answering machine or cell phone! Bonus!


nancy said...

That is quite a chunk of change to come all the way here to leave an outgoing message on my phone. Maybe you could just put that in my gift basket instead and I will pretend I'm you leaving a message. (That is IF I win of course) In Haiku form that would be:
Outgoing message?
That is a waste of money!
Add it to my gift.

Ashley - store name withheld! said...

ridicuous font.
why do people use it still?
"papyrus" kills me.

Celeste said...

After much consideration, today, tired and ill, I have decided to post a haiku, that might have been a better limerick.

Away in Cleveland,
Is a girl who yells rude names.
I should visit her.

Anonymous said...

ok, i know i can't win the contest. i was just bored. although, i bet i could get rob to leave my outgoing message anyway.

luscious verde... sounds
like it should be a strip club.
that's why i work there.

rg @ lv.