Thursday, August 16, 2007

How We Spent Our Summer Vacation

For custom stationery, August is always a pretty slow time of year. Most of us are in the Hamptons, in our summer home in Nantucket, or, in my case, drinking cheap beer in my apartment with the window A/C unit blasting. And as such, things are a little slower. Now, that doesn’t mean we aren’t working as hard as we usually do, getting those orders out lickety-split, but a bunch of us do use this month to take a few days off and reflect on our lives, and to mentally prepare for the holiday havoc coming down the road. In that spirit, Luscious Verde employees were asked what their favorite vacations of all time were. Here’s what they are.

Jason, head designer: Recent honeymoon to the San Juan islands off the coast of Washington

Jaclyn, materials manager: Riviera Maya, off the coast of Mexico

Mandy, graphic designer: San Diego

Beth, graphic designer: Rome, where she studied abroad for a semester in college

Stacey, print production: Sailing in the Chesapeake Bay

Kelly, print production: the Detroit Electronic Music Festival

Melissa, print production: Vienna, home to gothic cathedrals and “the world’s oldest coffee shop”

Mandy and Rachel, production artists: a forthcoming road trip to Asheville, North Carolina, where the plan is to get matching tattoos

Jesse, assistant to the plant manager: Legoland

Laura, production artist: Hawaii, where her brother got married

Nina: The Bahamas

Megan, “I don’t have a title”: Trip to Italy, and a “dead presidents” tour taken as a child, as her father is a history buff

Chris-Anna, co-owner: Backpacking through Europe after graduating college

Wendy, co-owner: Honeymoon in Florence, Italy, where her husband insisted that even sub-par Italian food is better than good American food

-- Rob @ L.V. (whose favorite trip is the drive to work every day)

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