Thursday, July 12, 2007

On the Job: Burden of Proof(reading)

We all knew that proofreader Alicia was the right choice for Luscious Verde when we received, after she was hired, two boxes of hand-delivered cookies thanking us for the opportunity. Anyone who wants to impress a future employer should definitely take note.

Born in Youngstown, Ohio, and raised in rural New Springfield, Alicia graduated from Youngstown State University. She traveled extensively, as a result of her father teaching archaeology and anthropology. She tagged along with her father on a few digs, and she says the experience taught her to “appreciate other cultures. It makes you realize how small your personal world is and how big the world is.”

The path to Luscious Verde, for Alicia, is a familiar one: Craig’s List. In her first interview, she realized that Luscious Verde has a world-renowned low-key office culture, complete with flip-flops, off-key office karaoke, and impromptu dance-offs.

In her job as proofreader, she ensures that every proof (and thereby order) received by the customer is set up exactly to the specifications asked for. As head proofreader Ted says, “She has a passion for the English language, and is meticulous and organized.” We’re glad to have her aboard the good ship L.V.

FAVORITE BREAKFAST BEVERAGE: “Iced mocha from Phoenix Coffee, although the proofreading department is taking a self-imposed one-week break from coffee.”


FAVORITE “STAR WARS” FILM: “I’ve never seen one.” [Editor’s Note: For shame, Alicia.]


-- Rob @ L.V.


mandy said...

so i am not the only one who has never seen star wars!!!

no one can bother me about this anymore.

michael bury said...

alicia is french.

thats means she hates america.

just some food for thought.

Anonymous said...

I love Alicia! She's an amazing person!


toni said...

suddenly, the blog just got hotter. :-)