Friday, July 20, 2007

Casual or Superhero Attire

Dress code miscommunication can make for knee-slapping stories, but when it happens to you, you’re not laughing. Tell us if this has ever happened to you: you invite some friends over to watch “Sunday Night Baseball” on ESPN. Clearly this is an event that calls for Sport Casual, and most of your friends show up appropriately dressed in khakis, casual skirts, denim pants, polo shirts, and button-downs. Then there’s the friend who just doesn’t get it; the friend who shows up wearing a sundress, cropped pants, or even shorts. You want to pull that person aside and ask, “Did you think we would be watching the ballgame at the beach?”

It’s this kind of faux pas that can strain and even break a friendship. This is why our most conscientious customers choose dress code phrases that are as specific as possible. We like Dress Untucked because we all know how embarrassing it is to realize that your dress is tucked in. Tropical Chic is a good one, because the attendees know to go straight for the machete and the safari hat. Barefoot Elegance does guests a service by assuring them that the reception venue will be free of cigarette butts, broken glass, and chaw spit. And Basketball Chic is executed to perfection by Eva Longoria at Spurs games. A clear dress code phrase will give your guests a much less stressful preparation for your event, and it may even keep Beach Casual out of your living room.

-- Ted @ L.V.

(P.S. Many thanks to L.V. superstar Rachel for her homemade paper dolls, shown above and below.)

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rachel, you're pure genius.