Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hot Card of the Day (Choose Your Own Adventure Edition)

Perhaps some of our loyal Luscious Verde blog readers have noticed the absence of our "Hot Card Of The Day" installment for the past couple of days. Some of you may also have noticed that Rob's voice hasn't been greeting you when you call. The reason behind these unusual occurrences is one in the same. Rob is gone. Before you burst into tears, please note that this is only a one week hiatus (he mentioned something about Combos and reruns of America's Next Top Model). I suppose this means the responsibility of our beloved "HCOTD" and blog maintenance now rests upon my shoulders. I realize that I'm not as funny/witty as Rob, so please be nice and take it easy on the blog comments (at least until next week!).

That said, here is today's Hot Card of the Day . . .

This card design was adapted from one of the spreads in our wedding album by Noteworthy Designs in Marietta, Georgia. It is a #10 sized, 3-layer card to be used for a Bat Mitzvah invitation. The colors and design are very pretty and feminine and very well suited for this special event. If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you can view the detail of the motif and the textures of the paper choices. Enjoy!


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