Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Give It Away

While we all here at Luscious Verde take an awful lot from the world, we always try to give something back to the community (not, say, to the honor-system snack box in the kitchen). And to do so, we happily donate unused, leftover, and discontinued papers to school districts and preschool programs.

Shown above are a few pictures from Tina Williams’ classes at Berea Community Elementary in Berea, Kentucky, home of our own assistant operations manager Lindsay. The paper was used for a project meant to represent African kente cloth. The “rich and colorful papers gave the students lots of choices in their design,” says Mrs. Williams. Hey, we say the same thing to our customers!

(P.S. This is not actually a nefarious plan to train a young army of production artists.)

-- Rob @ L.V.

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