Monday, May 14, 2007

Why Did the Pirate Ship Look So Good?

Today, we're featuring the Hot Envelopes of the Day (the cards aren't shabby, either). The pirate motif on the left is featured in our correspondence catalog, and is thermographed. On the right, the die-cut on the bottom left of the envelope goes through both sides, and shows off the attractive lime liner.

The cards featured today are from All She Wrote in Winnetka, Illinois, and Lee's Specialty in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

By the way, the pirate ship looked so good because they used ... varrrrrnish!


toni said...

oh man, rob... no more pirate jokes for you. you're cut off.

cute envelopes though, i'm a fan of using die cuts on the eps.

Melissa said...

*points* I made those!

Anonymous said...

shiver me timbers! argh!