Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mother's Dismay

With everyone’s favorite mother-related holiday coming up on Sunday, we thought we would ask around our campus for any thoughts about what our meres mean to us. What follows is a select compendium of Luscious Verde mother anecdotes and wisdom. After much due consideration, names have been left out to protect the innocence (or otherwise) of our families.

“Other than not being able to get a tongue ring or dye my hair teal, she raised me very liberally. She also made me think I could grab her legs and pick her up when I was five.”

“She taught me how to drive without taking my foot off the brake.”

“She made me always want more than what I’ve got. Isn’t that messed up?”

“She got me into fitness at an early age, and I still enjoy taking care of myself.”

“She gave me the world, and she taught me how not to manage money.”

“My mom’s nuts, in a good way. She’s creative, and she has no problem acting crazy in the car. She would pour a cup of ice-cold water on me just to see my reaction, and we would be cracking up for an hour on a long drive. After that, having soggy pants kind of sucked, but the first hour was funny.”

“She can make a mean spaghetti sauce. She also taught me to dodge wooden spoons, and she would deny that it was her throwing them.”

“She taught me math in the sixth grade, and it sucked. She also taught me not to say words like ‘sucked.’”

“She taught me how to survive on my own and how not to care what anyone else thinks.”

“She gave me the courage to slice men on blind dates. She still lets me do her hair and put crazy stuff in it. She also doesn’t believe in calculators.”

“She tried to teach me the proper usage of ‘lay,’ ‘lie,’ and ‘laid,’ and she has been unsuccessful for 22 years.”

“She taught me that you can always borrow sugar from a neighbor. I also remember one time when she and my aunt pounded on my head and chanted, ‘No sex!’ It was the best vacation ever.”

-- Rob @ L.V. (whose mother taught him how to parallel park, among many, many other valuable life lessons)

(P.S. That's our head proofreader Ted [at age 2] in the picture, with his mom Maureen.)

(P.P.S. This is our 50th blog entry. Yay for us.)

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