Friday, May 18, 2007

Il Papa Bianco Grande (The Great White Pope)

A paradox of sorts, Amanda Pope,
Would say that Cruise is nuts but Lionel Ritchie
Is hot as Balzac or Chingy. Ask her which she
Prefers—the Cleveland Cavs or the chance to scope
My So Called Life on DVD. You’d hope
LeBron, but you’d be wrong. Her niche? She,
Remorseless, pirates music. Classics like Witchy
Woman or one of Highland's ballads? Nope.
And still, with motive unmistaken we
Exhume her image—peepers fixed on Knoxville’s
Magnetic frame. In all our dreams the bride,
She tutors Incan children in hard knocks ‘til
Our seaside B&B is Ritz. LV
Lusts for its Dr. Pope . . .and Mrs. Hyde!

-Carmine Gregorino

c. 1641

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toni said...

thank you ted for giving me a reason to youtube more MSCL episodes... even though i have them all on tape in storage. :-)