Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Twin Peak

Ah, the beloved theme day, scourge of the grouchy employee. Thank goodness we have none of those here, or days like last Friday’s “Twin Day” would not be an ultra success.

Brought upon by two employees who basically share a similar wardrobe, the idea for the day was originally proposed in jest, with its masterminds (Kelly and myself) unprepared for the planning and sheer creativity of all the employees (seen to your left).

The mind reels with the possibilities of ridiculous theme days that people actually get excited about. All-black Wednesday? Dress like plant manager Joe on May first? Hippie day? Grunge day? (OK, we did that one.) Submit your best ideas – we may actually do it.

-- Rob @ L.V.


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun.

Anonymous said...

I see why you call it Twin Peaks, it's a party.

The one who knows said...

Can I jump in. Whens the next special event?

Luscious Verde said...

It's up in the air. We're still reeling from "Grunge Day."