Monday, April 23, 2007

Move to Cleveland!

Those of us born and raised in Cleveland (or who simply call it home after years of wandering) were pleasantly surprised by last Thursday's episode of "30 Rock" on NBC. The whole episode revolved around the lead character (played by the lovely Tina Fey) considering a move to Cleveland and buying a house either in "Lakewood or the Heights," where, combined, about 85 percent of Luscious Verde calls home. Check out a clip here.


Anonymous said...

Please... why would anyone want to move to Cleveland? Isn't that the city whose river caought on fire a number of years ago?

-sm said...

man, it's a good thing she's not thinking of moving to chicago! a huge portion of the city burnt to the ground a number of years ago!

get over it.

Luscious Verde said...

Perhaps the crux of your argument should not be something that happened 38 years ago. Cleveland isn't in a time capsule. Things do change. Besides every city in the world has it's share of problems, past and current. I doubt you hail from a problem free part of the world.


Jerry said...

Hey, Isn't that the story of Mrs. O'Leary's cow that happenened some 100 years ago?