Monday, April 30, 2007

Lord of the Color Ring

At Luscious Verde, we’re always adding fresh and fashionable papers to our line. And as much as we hate it, sometimes we have to discontinue a paper because the mills have stopped producing it. Because of these changes, it is vital that your color ring is kept current.

With a current paper color ring, you’ll be able to:

  • Choose paper and ink color combos
  • Feel the paper weights
  • Feel the paper textures

We know what it’s like to fall in love with a certain color combo, only to be told later that you’ve selected a discontinued color. So it’s best to avoid confusion and frustration by tossing out any discontinued papers and by adding the newest ones as they arrive.

Important lists (available for our retailers in the .pdf download area):
1. paper color list
2. paper portfolio color list
3. envelope colors
4. liner colors

After spending some time updating the color rings here at LVC, I have a few suggestions for getting your ring in shape for use. Print a copy of the “paper color list” and grab a pen. Go through your ring and circle any papers that are on the list but not on your ring. If you see a paper on your ring, but not on the list, then it’s discontinued. Remove that paper from your ring (recycle it, please) and keep going through the list. Fax me the list of your missing colors and I’ll mail them to you the same day.

Here’s the ideal order of cards on the ring:
1. Colored paper (sorted by color family, start with white and end at black)
2. Duplex papers
3. Metallic papers
4. Embellishment cards (thread, rhinestone, eyelet, etc.)
5. Custom ply samples
6. Thermography ink samples

Toni — Client Relations Manager

P.S. Thanks to Out Of The Box in Rye Brook, NY for this blog entry idea.
P.P.S. Thanks to Sharon for helping me update our rings (still can't believe you met Jim Morrison, so jealous).
P.P.P.S Clayton, the next time you're in town we'll hit up the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I have a membership!

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