Monday, March 5, 2007

Over the Top

A few Fridays ago, Luscious Verde was turned into a Roman coliseum, as ten competitors stepped up to show off their arms of steel. With the theme song from “Rocky” blaring in their heads, they prepared for competition. It was on, and the crowd went wild as a cross-section of Luscious Verde pulled out everything within their arm muscles to take their opponents down.
We were wondering if anyone would survive, as everyone had their game face on and no one wanted to go home a loser. One after another, winners were declared as Ted (proofreader/referee) determined who could put their money where their mouth is. The first round ended with Jason (designer), Jesse (assistant to the plant manager), and Rachel, Megan and I (production artists) ready to take anyone down and be named Arm Wrestler of the World (or even the Universe).
With five competitors left, who would take home the gold? It was anyone’s guess as veins popped, faces turned crimson, and strange grunting noises came from the center of the ring. In the end, only two competitors remained: Jason the Designer Man Destroyer, and Laura the Wee Woman Warrior (that’s me). Only one would take home the crown and the title.
All eyes were on the center of the ring as our hearts were about to pump out of our chests, anxious with anticipation. One could almost hear the theme to an old Clint Eastwood western playing in the distance as Jason and my eyes pierced at each other, trying to intimidate. But only one would remain.
In the end, Jason reigned supreme and took home the title Arm Wrestler of the World (or even the Universe).
For anyone interested in a rematch, I suggest you get your thumbs into the gym for some thumb lunges and thumb aerobics – I heard a thumb-wrestling competition is in the works.

-- Laura @ L.V.


Anonymous said...

laura has arms of steel!

Anonymous said...

jason looks like his head is about to 'splode.