Friday, February 2, 2007

Black Coffee

With each package we’ve shipped out in the past six months, either directly to retailers or customers, we’ve included at least one Luscious Verde stainless-steel tall mug. OK, we got a good deal at a mug manufacturer, and we went a little crazy. We have so many of them at our headquarters that we’ve taken to making little forts with the little white boxes in which they come.

We embrace all feedback, whether good or bad, rain or shine. And one of the things we’ve heard about most in the past six months isn’t our painstakingly made cards, our intense typesetting, our kreftik Hebrew skills – it’s the damn mugs. That is, people are getting too many of them. Therefore, what follows is a public service message from Luscious Verde Cards.


10. Drill a hole in the bottom to play a hilarious practical joke on a co-worker.

9. Smuggle alcoholic beverages into a concert or sporting event (Luscious Verde does not assume responsibility for getting kicked out of said event).

8. Glue mugs upside-down to top of car. Sell car for inflated price, calling mugs “special wind-resistance items,” imported from Europe.

7. Start a rock band called Luscious Verde. Give mugs to adoring fans.

6. Use as props in magic and/or juggling act. Make extra cash by performing at children’s birthday parties.

5. Bury in front yard to see if you can grow a mug tree.

4. Give to spouse as 25th anniversary present (silver).

3. Punch a hole in rim to fashion a stunning necklace.

2. Help teach a child about nature by growing a fairly small potato.

1. Give them to friends, family and customers.

-- Rob @ L.V.


rhoni said...

I like the part about giving mugs to family and friends ... I didn't have a kid just for HER fun I want some too... She know who I am when I sign Mom(me) Hi, Toni. Yeh, I know (good grief!)

Anonymous said...

hi mom! if you're lucky, my mug tree might be bearing fruit by the time you visit in april. :-)


Anonymous said...

toni, your mom is pookie from new jack city